New company premises for Mebius d.o.o.

There have been several positive effects for Mebius resulting from our participation on the MORELife project, not directly related to the project results, but beneficial to the company nonetheless. Since the project started in October 2021, we have been sought out by the business and investor community, which resulted in significant financial support for our company, support which has allowed us to move into new company premises, with much more space for research and business activities (65m2 to 500m2), we have been able to employ 5 new colleagues, and build and equip a chemical laboratory to the high standards required by the chemical processes related to fuel cells, and build up our capacity to develop and synthesise new catalysts from base materials in commercially significant amounts. Without the EU Commission's support and recognition of the MORELife project's potential, it would have been much harder for the business community to validate our arguments for financial investments.